Rini Jusufi

Name:Rini Jusufi
Starting Weight:
Current Weight:
Current Waist Size:

Rini came to us with the main goal of losing abdominal fat, for which we decided to put him on a 8 week – nutrition program and tidy his training program as well.  Rini’s nutrition program was rather easy for him to follow, he was projected to lose 400g per week which has happened almost linearly throughout the program, along side muscle gain the chest / back area. (photos as attached)

Rini has since done 2 more programs that were designed to follow his hypertrophy and strength goals, on which Rini has gained 5 kg lean muscle mass. We achieved this through strategic carbohydrate manipulation – in his first ‘fat loss’ block he was eating 250g of carbohydrate and he is currently eating 600g with almost no fat gained, but massive muscle gains.