Nici Robbins

Starting Weight:
Current Weight:
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Nici came to us having done a few general gym strength programs, and already having a clean and consistent diet. However, she noticed a lack in results, and she was after some coaching that will get her a step further. Nici mainly wanted to drop body fat around the abdominal area and improve the tone of her gluteal muscle, legs as well as arms. 

We have put Nici on a ‘reverse dieting’ program, having realised that Nici’s, although healthy diet, doesn’t match her energy demands. Throughout 12 weeks Nici has increased her intake from around 1.500  to 2.100 calories , she has lost 4% body fat in the process (by building her metabolic rate) and has gained muscle in the desired areas.

Nici is now doing her third block with us and she kept on improving.