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I am big proponent of a holistic approach to health, as even the conventional medicine is increasingly recognising the correlation between physical and mental health. Furthermore, there is indisputable scientific evidence that nutrition has an immense role on our overall health and well – being, which you can read on here ….on my weekly blog.

This something that I feel strongly about, that I daily research on, and what I am applying on myself and my clients.

Everything you can find on my website, from trainings to nutrition is science based, where science is it settled, where it is not, it will be based on empirical data that proved certain methods work.

I am also an advocate of customised training and nutrition, as these are by far the ONLY and THE MOST efficient ways to constantly get results. People differ amongst themselves in terms of genetics, lifestyle, metabolism, anatomy and leverages – which al mean no training / nutrition program can successfully work for several (let alone a wide span) of people.

Therefore, my programs are completely customised and fully created by me.

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