From $70.00 / week

What do you get?

  • An effective training program changing as frequently as I see fit delivered via one of the best training apps. You get your program delivered weekly, with videos, explanations and my feedback.
  • Programming follows scientific principles of training, meaning the effectiveness is guaranteed and your efforts worth while.
  • Tracking result ad 24/7 support via the training app and email
  • On the nutrition side of things you get the exact caloric intake and macro nutrition division set up for you, that might change as frequent as every week.
  • Weekly check in with weight and photos, feedback.


This is by far the best, most in depth and most accurate training and nutrition program you will be able to find for yourself. It is 100 % tailored to you and your goals, 100% made by me and the results are 100% guaranteed.

The longer you are on the program, the more results –and the more maintainable results which is, in my opinion, the most important. You will learn How to eat and effectively train, and this is a timeframe that will be sufficient to develop new habits and to and to obtain visible/measurable results.

This is essential as the brain functions on the basis of neuroplasticity, which basically means that new habits strengthen those neural pathways so by repeating same new ‘good ones’ you are setting yourself for success with new ones.