What do you get?

  • The exact caloric intake and macro nutrition division set up for you, along with a tailored nutrition plan consisting of 5-7 sample days with those exact calculated macro and micro nutrients.
  • They will all be custom made to achieve your goal, in a healthy and sustainable manner.
  • The plans are fully customized made of foods you choose and foods I think are the right options for you and your specific goal. Therefore compliance generally isn’t hard with this kind of program.
  • Weekly check in with your weight + photo (optional) at which point your macros and or food will change, in respect to how your body composition changes.
  • I can guarantee a result and should it stall for whatever reason, I am happy to extend coaching until promised result is achieved.

This plan goes very in depth and is very accurate and therefore, I stand behind the effectiveness of this plan 100% if adherence is high.

The minimum it can go for is 8 weeks, but for best results as well as developing life- long habits, our recommendation is 12 – 24 weeks.

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If you have been training hard, yet you fail to see the results – it is your nutrition that needs to be regulated. If you are wanting to see a result yet do it in a healthy and sustainable manner – this is for you.

This is the most thorough plan and I usually suggest it for:

  1. a) clients that are new to tracking and
  2. b) those who like to see a strict plan on paper, that they need to follow, as this increases their adherence level.


I always suggest going for at least 12 weeks, since developing new healthy habits does take a bit of time and it requires consistency for longer than the initial 8 weeks.

Furthermore, many people come to me because they have been ‘dieting’ wrongly for a while, so often times you will need to go through the reverse diet process and or couple of dieting phases; so a longer period of time is needed.

However, if you are on a budget or feel like you need just that initial guideline as to how to eat correctly for your goal, 8 weeks will suffice.