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Macros And Personalized Nutrition Plans

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Macros and Personalized Nutrition Plans

  • Fully customised nutrition program , made out of the foods you choose (follows flexible dieting principles) and tailored to your goal. 
  • This means you pretty much do not have to give up anything, as I will calculate your exact intake (calories, protein, fats, carbs) and make a meal plan out of the foods you have chosen.
  • It’s all about knowing how much of fat you can and should be eating, and if you follow what I give you – results are 💯 guaranteed. 
  • You will receive 5 days to choose from and you will have 2 changes included in the package (additional dietary changes will incur a fee) 

30 Min Skype Consultation

  • If you are confused, don’t know where to start or have been listening to so many contradictory fat loss methods, this would be a good option. You can pick my mind when it comes to nutrition and all information you get will be a compressed insight into real science of fat loss / muscle gain.
  • If you have a specific situation and not sure what path to take / or just need some advice and information about what diet can do for you
  • If you are an advanced trainee, who want additional nutritional information and advice as to how to set an advanced sports nutrition plan.

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Weight Management

Weight Management

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