Weight Management

Nutrition for weight management is specific in it’s nature in that it is constantly going to be changing, as client’s body composition changes. It’s very important that weight loss / gain is tracked and structured, so that best results are obtained and maintained. 

Almost all of us have, at some point, experienced one of those very restrictive / low calorie diets. What has resulted from there? Initial fat loss, but inability to keep it of just as quickly.

The reason for this is that THERE IS NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL FAT LOSS DIET. The only way designers of such diets can make them ‘successful’ is to make sure that they are so low in calories that even the smallest individual in the group will lose weight. This means that everyone else is going to be majorly under-eating, which then makes any fat loss in future that much harder for them to achieve. 

The reason for this Is that calories need to be manipulated slowly and adjusted frequently too account for negative metabolic and hormonal adaptations. 

And it’s not all about the calories. People with different body composition will require different protein intake. Smaller individuals will require less fat to metabolise vitamins and synthesises hormones, that larger individuals do. People with different lifestyles / training regimes will require different levels of energy / carbohydrate.

This is where we come in. Many of our clients have already been on many of those kinds of diets, and have had enough of the vicious circle. There we come in – prescribing carefully designed diets based on client’s specific requirements, and we also make sure that they enjoy them. We guide them through a step-by-step fat loss program, by the end of which: 

  1. Client has achieved the desired result 
  2. Client has maintained metabolic health 
  3. Clients has learned about calories / macronutrients as well as their body

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