Performance nutrition is very different than nutrition for general health and wellbeing.

If you are an athlete, or a recreational trainee seeking to optimise your performance, your nutrition is going to play a crucial role in achieving this. As such, this diet is vastly going to differ from what it would normally look like. This is where we come into play as this is our second field of specialisation.

Optimising your diet for maximising your performance and sports results isn’t an easy task.

As an athlete or someone engaged in sports on a high level, everything in your diet will matter. From the total caloric intake, through meal timing, supplementation, hydration / the electrolyte balance – everything needs to be carefully thought through.

Science has discovered a lot in the past years, especially about best sources of fuel for different sports. For example, back in the day, we used to think lactate is just a metabolic by-product; Nowadays it’s one of preferred source of fuel for cyclists.

Similarly, it was impossible to even imagine an endurance athlete being on a low carb diet – today we know this is not the case.
Our team endeavours to be up to date with the newest research so that we can provide clients with best evidence – based practice available to us today.

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