Throughout my education I have learned that nutrition has great power over our bodies, both physically and mentally. Studies are increasingly showing that certain nutritional approaches can be used to successfully treat many diseases. While medication can be effective as an immediate solution, the underlying problem remains. This problem must be addressed at it’s root cause, rather than treating the symptom.

Our body naturally want to be in homeostasis. This is a state where everything is balanced. No inflammation, no infections, every system working efficiently. It has been show, via multiple physiological pathways, that a ‘poor’ diet, puts the body out of that state, by increasing inflammation. When inflammation becomes chronical, the body becomes increasingly more susceptible to getting a virus, for example.

If you then proceed to treat the diseased that came out of the inflammation and use a medication that will treat that locally – but further aggravate your immune system and gut microbiome – you have entered a vicious cycle. Clearly, there must be a better way. And this better way is to address your problem via changing your diet.