Why does your all or nothing mentality setting you up for failure?

More often than not people have this approach when it comes to nutrition and training, and it fails them every time. Why?

Starting a very low-calorie diet, after not being cautious about your food will have 2 consequences.

  1. A result initially,
  2. And even worse position than you were before you started the diet, once your motivation and capacity to restrict yourself so hard passes.

The reason why this happens can be found in several physiological (and psychological) responses in relation to the low- calorie diets. These can be summed up as follows:

  •  Your body has a metabolic set point, by which we mean what your body’s metabolism and expenditure is for it to maintain its weight. Once the body is exposed to insufficient nutrients, it’s slows down, and even shuts some of the processes as a part of the survival mechanism. Why this should be of your concern is:
    • Jeopardised health (Loss of period – women, low of sex drive, impaired immune system)
    • Slower metabolism and decreased BMR (basal metabolic rate)
  • These diets will also induce an unfavourable hormonal response; two of which impair your ability to follow the diet through and make you prone to binging where the latter will alter your mood.
    • Satiety hormone – Leptin goes down
    • Hunger hormone – Ghrelin goes up
    • Stress hormone – Cortisol goes up which is known to inhibit fat loss in itself.

Apart from these, a myriad of other hormones will react negatively to a prolonged (and especially large deficit) such as thyroid and oestrogen (women particularly)

  • By not dieting intelligently, and ‘going all in’ with a low and very restrictive diet – Muscle wastage is inevitable. This further lowers the metabolic rate and slows down fat burning.
  • Low calorie diets have a common side effect seen in anxiety and mood swings. Psychologically it becomes increasingly harder to adhere to them.

So eventually you stop it and start eating like before, OR LESS, but you still GAIN MORE than you would have if you ate the same amount of food, before you went on your diet.

This is why people ‘bounce back’ and put on more back!

Be smart – approach nutrition intelligently!