III Worst shoulder exercise you probably are doing:

  1. Overhead press behind the head
  2. Lat pull down behind the head
  3. Upright row – Full range
  4. Front raise

What are talking about here?
Well pretty much it comes down to risk to reward ratio. Risk of injury compared to the reward of strength / hypertrophy gains.

  1. Overhead press – Probably one of the best upper body movements; However, if performed with the starting position being the collar bone – completely fine. Performing this movement, however, from the back of your head is probably one of the worst things you can do for your shoulders.
  2. Lat pull down behind the head – same as above
  3. Upright row – narrow grip full range strict barbell row – is one of the most common causes of a shoulder impingements
  4. Front raise – Even though many people would disagree and would probably consider this to be a staple, I believe that there are so many other exercises that you can do for your shoulders and traps that will not cause impingements.

Without getting deep into an anatomy all these exercises pretty much place the shoulder in such a position that an impingement is highly likely to occur. More specifically they just place the rotator cuff in an unnatural position. Considering the vast amount of possibilities in terms of exercising, I just can’t see why one would opt to choose exercises that have such a high risk of injury and no greater benefit than any other ones.

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