About me

Hey there! My name is Jovana, I am from Serbia and I have been in the fitness industry for several years now! I have worked with both general population and strength and conditioning athletes from a variety of sports. I am an athlete myself, having been a gymnastics competitor from an earliest age, then fitness and bodybuilding competitor, and am currently competing in powerlifting. I believe in holistic approach to health, treating the body and the mind as equally important. Nutrition is what I am most passionate about what most of my work has been. It’s all science based and 100% of my clients gets results. However, it’s no ‘quick fix’ I basically teach you how to fuel your body properly, then manipulate your intake and get and maintain desired result.


Raise the society’s knowledge about nutrition and it’s powerful effects


Enable people to, with certainty, acquire the best information regarding nutrition and training all at one place. Get results, maintain them; live a happy and healthy life.

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