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Our mission is to help clients optimise their health – through dietary and lifestyle changes. Reaching your equilibrium.
Our expert team endeavours to translate evidence-based techniques into practice, in order to achieve best possible health and aesthetic outcomes.

It is becoming a well know fact that diet plays a major, if not crucial role, when it comes to overall health and wellbeing. There isn’t a single aspect of our lives that isn’t impacted by our nutritional choices. This is something that even conventional medicine is increasingly recognizing, as we move from treating (medication) to prevention (nutrition and lifestyle).

This is why we provide two intertwined services that are aimed to enhance the quality of your life.

They are:

Training Coaching

Training coaching – Similarly, we create carefully and intelligently designed training programs, directed to achieving clients desired goals. Our programs follow scientific principles of training, in their entirety, which makes them 100% effective.

Nutrition coaching

Nutrition coaching – This is a service that we provide which is essentially directed to achieving whatever goal you have set for yourself. Weather it be reducing body fat levels, increasing energy, enhancing cognition or improving overall health – we will make sure it is achieved through safe, healthy and sustainable nutritional approach. We, as educators, will also endeavour to teach you how to implement the right principles so you can leave having acquired all the necessary knowledge.


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October 31, 2019


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I have had serious problems with my diet, always trying different things, which would always work initially but would lead me right where I started. This is 6thmonth that Jovana has been my nutrition coach, and I am seeing nothing but results and I actually feel good and I actually eat everything!


Before I started with Jovana, I was training twice as hard with two time less result than I have now. It’s amazing, she has helped me greatly to actually understand how the body works and I don’t think ‘ll ever go back to that vicious circle of overtraining, undereating then binging again :


I was training in the gym for a few years, mainly following some packages I purchased and combining them with what I would see on big Instagram accounts. I had little result and use to feel a bit lost in the gym. Jovana taught me how to engage my muscles properly and do main exercises right. The program was simple, but it worked! Very happy!

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